Honda X4 “Opa”

Built by Honda until 2003 and officially only sold in the Japanese market, my X4 was built in Thialand out of original parts in 2006.

First on the road in 2006, restored 2020 until 2021 in the original state,I bouoght this beauty 2021 in Pattaya.

When you uy a motorcycle in Thailand, you should check the history, buy from a trustworthy seller and the motorbike should come with the “green book”.

Without that green book and the correct informations in it (for example changing the colour need to be registered), it is impossible to rewrite the motorbike in your own name.

Why to buy a motorbike with a small tank, low range and difficult spare part situation?

The answer is simple – the X4 is something special. Not many of them on the road and she is really fun to ride.

Honda X4