About Andy

Motorbikes always fascinated me!

Triumph Rocket 3 GT

Born as a proud member of Gen X, my plan was to get the driving license for motorbikes together with the license for cars in the 1980th.
At this time, my mom was strictly agains riding and as I depended on her support regarding money I had to skip the motorbike license. Not really skip but postpone.
The early travels, I did by car and 4×4. What was great but not really satisfying.
I always kept one eye on the motorcyclists.
A couple of years later – while staying abroad, I managed to get the motorbike driving license, finally.

At this time I mostly was into dirt bikes as adventure tourers like the BMW GS where simply not affordable.
Anyways, the dirt bikes where great fun even that traveling on long distances – for me – due to my economic situation was not feasible.

In the meantime I got married and divorced again and I started to work as a freelance photographer.
Running and growing the own business consumes a lot of lifetime but lucky me that I could visit over 60 countries while working.

Unfortunately at this time traveling long distances by motorbike was impossible.
Maybe I set the wrong priorities but I just haven’t taken the time to travel much.

This changed a couple of years ago when I decided to retire.

I assume that meanwhile I am too old for visiting all the places that interest me by motorbike. But I’m trying to make the best of it and I’m happy about every kilometer I can ride on two wheels.

BMW R1250 GS Adventure

Since I was a kid, our family always traveled. Mostly in the surrounding countries of Germany and always with the caravan.

I guess that this made me interesting in exploring and visiting new places.

Even when I performed the military service in the German Bundeswehr, I joined a military unit what allowed me to go many where in Germany and Norway.

BMW R1150 RT

Now I have the time and the money to travel and I enjoy it!
I live in 2 different cultures. In summer in Germany and in winter in Thailand.

So I have the chance to explore Europe and South East Asia in the same year.

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