About adventures on 2 wheels

I suppose the easiest answer is, that a motorbike is whatever you want it to be!
It can be a commuter, a tourer, a street racer, customised art and even a reason for living because some people can take it quite seriously.
But once you own a motorbike and start riding I believe the reasons for letting it take over your life can become more complex.

For me personally, it’s about the mindset to get out of the comfort zone, the enjoyment I can get from a bike and a means to travel and explore.

In my opinion, owning a bike means to ride as often and as far as time, money and health allows me to go.
Riding a motorbike is like you go back to the roots. Out of a box on 4 wheels, out of comfort. You are not isolated from the outside world anymore.
Alone with your thoughts, the bike and the road you feel your surroundings.

A motorcycle connects you to a great community, you meet different types of people from all walks of life, exchange experiences and expand your own horizons.

A motorbike is a great “tool” for adventure, for exploring the unseen, for travel to places
I would have never seen on roads I would have never chosen without riding a motorbike.

When you travel you get a lot of impressions. So as not to forget these, I write this journal.

Second, I want to share my experiences with other travelers.
If I can inspire you guy’s to have new adventures, if I can share informations about what is out there in the world and probably can help to decide where to go next, that would make me very grateful.

Mountains in Austria - Eng