PL- Súľov-Hradná to Wałbrzych

Police, Czech-Republic

04.07.24 – Day 41 Baltic Countries solo on a BMW R 1150 RT

This day started early – really early.

Got up at 5 am, started the engine at 6 am just to avoid the traffic and especially the trucks on the way to the Czech-Republic.

That was a good decision as almost no traffic on the road, so a very relaxed ride to the border.
Arrived there at 6.30 am, the weather looked like it would be a great riding day.

Border Czech-Republic

Unfortunately my luck with the weather was over soon after I took the photo at the border.

I arrived in the mountains and it started to rain. Well this fact alone is not dramatic. What is not good is, that I planned to ride on small roads and it turned out that many of them are cobblestone roads.

Those who ever rode on wet cobblestone roads understand that this is not fun and not safe, especially in the mountains with steep hills and curves. Slippery like hell.

So, I checked out coffee shops on the route to take a break and thinking about how to get out there as fast as possible.

Fun fact, without Czech money you can’t get nothing in this area. They said, you can pay only in the local currency. Well, I had Euros and Zloty (Poland) and a debit card but got zero. Strange world.

So I parked somewhere and replanted the trip on the fastest way back to Poland – there I can buy something without any problems.

On the way to Poland I passed by Police. A little village somewhere.

Especially this sign I loved…no Police anymore. :-).

Police, Czech-Republic

Back to Poland, things got better.

Rain stopped, better roads, less traffic, sunshine instead of rain. And as I still have Zloty, I got a coffee, cake and fuel. I love it…easy travels.

BMW R1150 RT at the Polish border

Wałbrzych is a nice city and for sure worth a visit. But not for me today. As I am tired and promised myself not to walk around in cities again on this trip.

SoI checked in at the Ibis Hotel, and went for a walk. Lucky that there is a shopping mall near by, so I could find food easily.

356 km of riding, 3 countries in one day (Slovakia, Czech-Republic and Poland).

Find the details of the trip here.

Stay tuned guy‘s and enjoy yourself!!


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