GER-Wałbrzych to Altenberg

05.07.24 – Day 42 – Baltic Countries solo on a BMW R 1150 RT

3 countries in one day again. Started in Poland, passed by Czech-Republic and ended up in Germany!

But let‘s start from the beginning.

After a good sleep and a delicious breakfast I started riding at 8.30 am. Weather looked good, it was pretty warm already in the morning.

Out of the city, into the nature on small cozy roads. Riders paradise!

I crossed the border from Poland to Germany in Zittau.

Right after the border, they placed a speed trap…welcome to Germany!!! The country of regulations, controls and minimum freedom!!

Very funny this speed trap as you really can`t go fast there.

For me it was just a short visit in Germany as I planned to go again to the Czech-Republic.

This time for a short 70 km ride. Today, it was fantastic and compensated for all adversities yesterday.

After this great ride back into Germany again. This border has some history as in 1936 the the Olympic fire was handed over to German athletes.

No matter what you think about Germany…it‘s good to be back and talk in my mother tongue again.
On the way I found a nice looking house… East German architecture.

At this point of the day I was already tired – almost 300 km of riding so it was time to find a room for the night.

I stayed in Altenberg / Geising. A little cute village for 47 EUR incl. breakfast. Dinner in the evening and watched the Germany vs Spain match of the Euro 24.

Find the details of the trip here, stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!


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    It’s one of a nice day as well with the great views and good atmosphere 🥰

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