PL – Ryn to Krakow

BMW R1150 RT

28.06.24 – Day 35 from the Baltics solo on a BMW R1150 RT

This day was way more riding than expected and planned. From the Masuria to one of the most famous cities in Europe.

At 7.30 am I got served the best breakfast on this trip. Homemade with love and absolutely delicious.

After a chat with the host, got my stuff packed I started the engine at almost 10 am.

If I knew before that this will be a long riding day, I would have started earlier.

The Masuria area in Poland is great what I found out on the way up to the Baltics already and that’s why I came back again.
This time, 1 month later, and holidays started in some parts of Europe already, the traffic was way more than before.

Anyways, I enjoyed the first 100 km of the trip a lot on small roads.

The next destination to go was Krakow and in my plan was to stay somewhere in between over night.

But, as soon as I arrived on the main highway, things went very smooth and I made a good pace.
While riding I started thinking about why not doing a long leg and go to Krakow directly?

The final decision I wanted to make when passed by Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Passing by Warsaw was like a pimple in the butt. Lots of road construction (30 km and more), not really a bypass, instead riding in suburb areas with traffic jam and red traffic lights on every corner.
This I really not recommend and I will never do this again as long as they not finish a real highway bypass.

After Warsaw, things got smooth again so I decided to push through to Krakow.
But what’s that, the sky turned black and 100 km before Krakow I got wet from a heavy thunderstorm. Lucky that a car wash was right at the exit – at least some shelter from the heavy rain and storm.

Staying for almost one hour in the car wash was not really a great experience – there where other motorcyclists as well but we could not talk to each other due to language barrier.

Lucky that the rain got less, so let’s start again and finish that trip.

After in total 600 km and 7 hrs on the road, I arrived in Krakow.

Checked in at the Ibis Center hotel (private underground parking and good location), tried to get some food what did not work as they forgot my order for more than 1 hour.

So, after this long day I went to bed “hungry”.

Here are the details of the trip

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!


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    Very long distance today but anyway you arrive safely and hungry…lol

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