SK – Brezno to Súľov-Hradná

BMW R1150RT, Slovakia

02./03.07.24 – Day 39/40 Baltic Countries solo on a
BMW R 1150 RT

Day 39 is a day off as the stay in Brezno is great and very very relaxed. I did not much. Write the journal, sleep and enjoyed a quiet time.

After this little break, It`s time to hit the road again.

Started at 9 am after a delicious breakfast and I did one mistake. I rode closer again to the Polish border. Why a mistake? I learned that the closer you arrive to the border, the more traffic you have. I this area there are no real highways. So all of the traffic is on smaller roads what is not really 100% fun to ride.

Nevertheless I got some nice views and some really great and twisty roads in the Slovakian mountains.

After 220 km of riding – and honestly it was not as nice as I expected – I arrived in Bytča.

This city was one of the options to stay over night. But when arriving there I realised that this is not a great idea as the city is very crowded and a lot of traffic and traffic jam.

Changing the plan was easy and after checking the map I found a little village in the mountains. All reviews said, itś nice and quiet there. Sounds like a perfect place to stay.

And yes, Súľov-Hradná welcomes you with a twisty road and something I call a view.

Finding a bed is easy, there are many choices. I stayed for 35 EUR, enjoyed a dinner and a walk.

What a great and relaxed end of a beautiful day!!

Find the details of the trip in the link.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!


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  1. Sangjaa

    Absolutely beautiful day🥰

    1. Dusty Socks

      One of the best riding days of the trip.

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