SK – Krakow to Brezno

BMW R1150 RT Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

01.07.24 – Day 38 Baltic Countries solo on a BMW R 1150 RT

On this trip I visited a lot of cities. It was interesting, exciting to see the different styles of architecture and get a feeling for the lifestyle of the people.

But now, sightseeing is over. Today is the day pure motorcycle riding starts. From today on I will just ride on hopefully nice and twisty roads and as much as possible in the mountains.

To do so, I got up early, went to breakfast early, started the engine early to get out of Krakow before the morning rush hour starts.

This only worked to a limited extend as in Krakow there are a lot of road constructions and traffic lights.

Once on the highway and out of the city towards Zakopane , I felt more and more relaxed and excited about the Tatra Mountains.

Many Polish people warned me not go to Zakopane. It’s overcrowded and expensive there.
I needed to go there anyways because my loop in the Tatra Mountains starts there.

All the people warned me are true. It is not nice. Imagine a winter sport area in summer (when the snow covers nothing). No matter in what country, this is never beautiful. So is Zakopane.

The real beauty of this trip started when I crossed the border to Slovakia (country Nr 7 on this trip).

Polish border to Slovakia

Almost instantly a great view – oh I love it.

Passed by sleepy little villages without any internet connection but with friendly and down to earth people.

Some more nice views

And more little villages

After all this hectic city life I can’t say it loud enough how much I missed the peaceful nature!!

325 km riding on this day was enough so let’s find a place to stay in Brezno.

I have no clue if the city is nice or not and I will not find it out as I stay 4 km outside of Brezno in a small cottage. Totally private – not luxury but clean, great breakfast from the owners who are super friendly. And a great value for the money with 42 EUR.

As it is relaxed here, I will stay 2 nights, write the blog, post in Facebook and take a break.

Literarily it’s a garden house with outdoor kitchen, you have a barbecue and a private parking in the car port.

Check out Mango Chill in Brezno, Slovakia.

Here are the details of the trip.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself guy’s!!


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