Thailand – 77 provinces on 2 wheels

Phuket Thailand sunrise

Phang-nga – Phuket – Ban Krut

This day was a tough riding day. It was not difficult to ride but a long long stretch over 540 km.

Our accommodation for the last night was not really great so it was easy to leave early.

Just 35 km to Phuket.
We both are not really a fan of Phuket – so why we go to Phuket then?

Simple answer – now we can say, we visited all of the 77 provinces in Thailand on 2 wheels!

In Phuket we crossed the bridge, rode a loop, stopped somewhere at the beach for have a look and then went back to the mainland.
We / I never planned to visit all the provinces in Thailand. As we travel a lot, sooner or later it will happen for sure. So the 2nd of March 2024 is the day.

The ride today was mostly on main highways to cover mileage on the way back home.

That we arrived in Ban Krut was some sort of coincidence. First we planned to stop for the night somewhere in the mountains around Khao Sok National Park. But we arrived there too early. Just 9.30 am. Then we thought, go to the Thung Wua Laen Beach. When we checked the resorts, we shocked that everything there is freaking expensive.

In Ban Krut we know a great resort, so we called them, asked for a room and decided to go there as a room was available.

The ride from Phuket to Ban Krut was so so. Sure, Khao Sok is nice but the roads in there, especially Hwy 410 are in a really bad condition.
Out of Khao Sok on the Hwy 41 it not got better. Lots of (truck) traffic and road construction.

We arrived in Ban Krut – both exhausted from the hot weather. Time to take a nap and later go for some delicious sea food.

How did the BMW R1250 GS Adventure on the long distance??

This 540 km trip was by far the longest ride I ever did on a BMW R1250 GS Adventure.

Riding with luggage and a pillion, the bike is perfect. No matter what road conditions you might face, the GS can do it. The bike has enough power and torque for any situations.

The BMW is super comfortable, we could ride for almost 500 km or 7 hrs without any pain.

I wonder how comfort seats are, like from Wunderlich or Touratech?

The only downside is the heat from the boxer engine. The feet are close to the cylinders and get all the warm air. For the pillion, the heat from the exhaust is a topic.
Wearing good shoes or better boots is a must. Not only for safety reasons.

There is a reason why the BMW GS(A) is the market leader and king of the big travel enduros! This is the comfort and safety on long distance trips.

What is next?

We will stay 2 nights in Ban Krut for relax, get a massage and enjoy delicious sea food at the beach.
Next stop on our way back home is Nakhon Pathom, then Phimai, Nakhon Ratchasima for visit the historical park and the next day we should arrive back home.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!


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  1. Sangjaa

    It’s comfortable for the passenger and feel more safe than Triumph just from a part of passenger mood😍

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