Nexx Helmets experience

Nexx Helmets ( NEXXPRO, SA) is a company located in Portugal with experience since 2001.

The helmets are produced in Portugal what makes Nexx to one of the last standing European manufacturers.
According to the Nexx website, the reason why they produce in Europe is the concentration of knowledge and to provide higher level of product quality and service.

Product quality and service of Nexx Helmets

2 month ago I purchased a Nexx X.Wed 2 helmet at the official Nexx distributor Panda Rider in Bangkok, Thailand.

This photo shows the helmet from below – after 2 month daily but normal usage.

After sales service with Nexx Helmets

I found out, that a weak spot of the Wed 2 helmet is the lock of the visor and the helmet peak.

This bayonet lock is a tiny piece of plastic (misconstruction) that breaks fast when you remove the visor etc. for cleaning the helmet.
Exactly this happens to me… No problem I thought, just send a message to Panda Rider where I bought the helmet and you can get a new lock easily.

Totally wrong thinking!! The answer was that this spare part is out of stock. My question about price and delivery time Panda Rider never answered.

So go to the next step and send a message to the Nexx support and ask them if they can help.

The answer was only partially helpful:

Nexx is not selling directly to the customer and I should ask one of their resellers or distributors.
In addition the support attached a list of online shops (Nexx resellers / distributors) in the mail.

After checking ALL of the listed online shops I found out that NONE of the shops has this item in stock.

in Germany said in their online shop that the item will be available in week 13.
And that they deliver to Thailand.
At least one hope so I ordered 6 pcs of the locks. Louis confirmed the order and charged the money from my PayPal account.

Two days later, I received a message from Louis that the item is not available at all, they canceled the order and refunded the money.

In the meantime, the support of Nexx helmet told me that exactly this spare part is available AND in stock at the factory and that ANY dealer or distributor can order and send to the customer.

At this point, I start asking myself in what kind of Kindergarten I am now???

– Panda Rider – the official distributor of Nexx in Thailand, where I bought the helmet – not answers my message about quotation and delivery time.

– Louis Germany cancelled the order even that according to their online shop the item should be available in week 13 and can be delivered to Thailand.

Nexx itself hide behind the “we not deliver to the customer” wall.

When searching the internet, you find many people with the same problem waited for 1 year and more to get their Nexx helmet fixed.


I will never ever buy a “cheap” helmet out of Shoei or Schuberth anymore.

These two companies, I know by my own experience, have a great post sales service.

If you want a Schuberth, buy the helmet abroad to save money.
The only issue might be that, if there is a problem, you have to deal with Panda Rider
– the official distributor of Schuberth in Thailand – and they might not be willing to help you out.
In Europe the Schuberth after sales service is outstanding.

A Shoei you can buy in Thailand or in any other ASEAN country, there is not much difference in the price.
Paddock in Bangkok helped me out with spare parts for a Shoei helmet very fast. Two days later the ordered parts arrived.

In the end if you buy a non premium product you pay double. And waste a lot of time and money if there is a problem need to be fixed.

Stay tuned guy’s and enjoy yourself!!


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