South of Thailand – Thung Song to Phang-nga

300 km fun and joy on small and twisty roads

As always we started early at 06.30 am up North along the mountain range of the Khao Luang National Park.
We enjoyed the ride on nice windy roads with perfect tarmac and arrived at 8 am at the Khlong Din Daeng reservoir.
You can go around this reservoir on more or less good roads. But the views are worth it to take this extra mile.

Out of there and heading west, you will soon arrive at the Kathun Reservoir. Still early and still fresh air.

The photos I took at a resort along the road.
Riding north along the Tai Rom Yen National Park was a pleasure.
On our original planning, we intended to ride into the National Park but as we planned to go to Phuket for a special reason we skipped that and “crossed” to Ban Sadet on Hwy 4178.
Around Ban Sadet it was time for a coffee or tea break.
More or less accidentally we found an interesting temple with an interesting gate. This temple is not one building, on every rock or small mountain they built something.

I never see this style in Thailand.

It’s possible to walk up there, what we not did with all the riding gear and in the heat of the late morning.

Out of the mountains this part of the trip was a bit boring but what you can do? Shortly on Hwy 410 we turned left onto Hwy 4118 south again.
In Bang Riang Nuea we visited a “viewpoint” Well, it’s in real a temple with coffee shop, a lot of tourists (Phuket is not far) and a more or less interesting view.

Out of Bang Riang Nuea we choosed to ride the Hwy 4 through the mountains.

We did this several times already, as well on our way down south a couple of weeks ago.
See this post. This road is awesome and will never get boring even that you need to take care a lot of unexperienced tourists on scooters.

Takua Thung was where we planned to stay. This is a small city along Hwy 4 – not far from Phuket, our next destination.

We stayed in the Krasom Homestay for 700 Baht the night. Not a recommendation as the rooms are really not clean.

All in all it was an awesome riding day, over 330 km, on mostly great roads.

Find the details of the trip in the Calimoto link.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!


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