LT – Vilnius to Naisiai

Lithuania,BMW R1150 RT

09.06.24 – Day 16 solo trip to Estonia on a BMW R1150 RT

The day started great with a delicious breakfast in the morning.

Unfortunately the weather forecast for today was not really good – rain expected.
Ha ha I thought by myself when I woke up and had a look outside. Sun is shining and the weather forecast inaccurate as mostly.

After breakfast I got my stuff ready and started at 9 am. Still dry but getting cloudy.

I rode out of the city, found a gas station to fill up fuel and when I came out of the cashier it rained. First just a little, after 10 min heavy rain started. WTF is that???

30 km on the highway with no rest stop, then off the highway and another 15 km with no chance to find shelter. In Lithuania – different to other countries – the bus stops are not roof covered. There is just a small bench to sit and that’s it.

Finally I found a Kebap restaurant beside the road. The restaurant was still closed so I took shelter under the canopy.

Needed to stay there for more than one hour. It was cold and windy but at least dry.

The funny thing was, when I continued, 10 km later the roads where dry.

The ride to the hinterland of Lithuania was very very relaxed. Ok, the roads were mostly straight but with great tarmac and almost no traffic. Felt a little bit like in Scandinavia.

Straight road in Lithuania

On my way I passed by some Baltic god sculptures and a cemetery with a lot of millstones, what I have never seen before.

and a great view on the church in Krekenava

The weather got sunny – shortly. Perfect for the great landscape beside the road.

Shortly after I took the photo above it started raining again but lucky me that I turned right and so escaped the heavy rain.

Git a bit pissed about the weather, dark clouds followed me that I decided to stay in Šiauliai.

The hotel I has chosen told me that I could check in at 4 pm what means that I needed to wait for 2 hours. Not good.
And the rate for walk in guests is more expensive than when I book on a booking platform.
Not good as well.

So what to do? Ok, visit the famous Hill of Crosses first and then decide where to stay.
The ride to the Hill of Crosses was not far and when I arrived there it turned out that a visit on a Sunday afternoon is not the best idea. Lots of peoples around.

When checking in the map, I found an apartment for rent in the lovely small city of Naisiai – not far from the Hill of Crosses.

It turned out that this apartment is like you win in the lottery. Clean, modern, friendly owner and cheap. In the city there is a grocery store, so food is available.

Check out “Baltas Gandras apartmenti” when you are in the area.

Oh, on the way to Naisiai I used Google Maps. See the result on the photo below and find the mistake. LOL

Even that the weather was not perfect, it was a relaxed riding time ending up in a great accommodation where I feel really comfortable.

Only one downside – after 3 pm you can’t buy beer anymore in Lithuania. What a pity!!!

Find the details of the trip in the link here.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself guy’s!!


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