LT – Kaunas to Ryn (PL)

Lithuania- Poland border

27.06.24 – Day 34 from the Baltics solo on a BMW R1150 RT

Today is the day I left the Baltic States and arrived “back” to Poland.

Brrringgg Brrrringgg…at 05.30 am this annoying alarm tone sounded.

Time to get up soon for having breakfast in peace. That’s the downside in big hotels – you are not alone.

The advantage of getting up early is, that you can start the engine early as well. What I did – at 8 pm. Weather was great, no clouds and 20 degrees C in the morning.

Time to leave Kaunas on the main roads – following my yesterday adjusted route. I will go back to the Masurian Lake District. On the way up I passed by there already and I liked it. So why not go there again?!

Out of the main roads it was a very very nice ride in the Lithuanian country side. Small roads, no traffic!

A great looking church in Vanago, Lithuania

Adolfo Ramanausko, Vanago, Lithuania

Sooner and later I arrived back on the main roads and found a lot of traffic. Not my favourite so I stopped, checked the map and found a small road to the Polish border. The navigation could not route through. There I should have start thinking something already. Nevertheless I went there. On the Lithuanian side a really small road, on the Polish side a
caravel / unsealed road.

Lithuania- Poland border

Very good I thought by myself.
So two choices. Go back 15 km and continue on the main road or try it with the RT.

After thinking for 20 sec I tried it. After 1 km gravel tarmac again, after 1 km tarmac I arrived at a junction with gravel in all directions.

Me, no clue where to go decided to go left along a lake. Got the tarmac back after 2 km but suddenly no signal on the mobile phone and instead a mysterious message.

This message shocked me a lot!

Interesting, when I looked on the map in the evening, I found myself far away from the Belarus border at the point I got the RCB alert?
More interesting is the fact that the phone connected to the Polish network 10 km ahead, in Sejny.

Back into business I recalculated the route and continued to the Masurian Lake District.

What a great ride but way more traffic than one month ago when I passed by in the area first on the way to the Baltics.

After 290 km I arrived at lunch time in Ryn. I felt a bit exhausted what is not good when riding a motorbike so I looked up for a place to stay and found a lovely homestay in Orlo.

60 EUR incl breakfast, super clean, safe parking and a friendly owner. 100 people call Orlo their home, a very quiet little village. What a difference to Kaunas!

I believe I will sleep like dead tonight.

The details of the trip are in the link here.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself guy’s!


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  1. Sangjaa

    If I get this SMS alert oh ….panic a lot i guess but i know for you is almost nothing happen…lol
    Anyway you are arrived at the cute home stay hopefully you will enjoy with everything there in peace 🥰

    1. Dusty Socks

      I was shocked as well and really checked on the map what’s wrong about my location

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