Cologne to Gibraltar – day 24

After chilling and relaxing for 3 days it was tome to go on the road again. I was really happy to run the Tiger again. Especially, the weather was great in the morning. So it seems like to be a great day.
And yes it was a great day! Can say, it was a fantastic day!
200 km in the Sierra Nevada, Andalusia. Absolutely awesome riding on lonesome and good roads from Beria to Torvizcon.
The trip today was a bit “zick zack” as there should be as many twists as possible.

Normally I planned to visit Trevelez, a small city in the mountains which is famous for its
air-cured hams, but unfortunately there was a road bike competition so the road was closed.
This visit is not discarded, just postponed.

Here are the trip details in Calimoto.

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!

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