Portugal to Northern Spain

After a quiet and relaxed night the view in the morning was not really inviting to leave the bed.

14 degrees and fog in the morning is definetely not normal at this time of the year.
But what you can do? After a quick breakfast I got back on the road again.

As I never plan my route upfront with like Google street view I was really surprised where Calimoto brought me this time. An area called “Val Verde” what means “Green Valley”. And it was really beautiful there.

Passed by some lakes

As well the Alto Rabagão Dam

And did not realize that I crossed the border to Spain already. Europe is great about this freedom way of traveling! I appreciate that a lot!

Old churches on the route.

And a stupid rider who not listens to the navigation and needed to find the right way in Ourense. Hmmmm I should listen to this woman better?!

Unfortunately things got really worse. Not about navigation but about rain.
I am really not sure what happens this year about the weather. It is totally unusual.

Close to Santiago de Compostela it started to rain again. No, not just rain, it was a heavy thunderstorm what made me take shelter in a gas station. After almost one hour and two vending machine coffees, the rain not got better.
So, find a room was first priority – lucky me that there was one available close to the track – and hope the best for the next day.

All in all a great riding day over 281 km. And the Tiger runs still very smooth!!!

Here is the trip on Calimoto.

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!

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