I was being followed and couldn’t escape!

After a quiet night accompanied by the sound of the rain and a delicious breakfast I checked the weather forecast.
Still raining for the next couple of days all along the north coast of Spain.

Seems like on this trip, I am followed by the rain without any chance to escape.

After the abnormal weather starts to bore me, the decision was clear. Instead of exploring and ride from the coast to the mountains and back I decided to go main highway.
Honestly, the A 8 is not too bad with some great views what I found out when leaving the highway for a break at the beach.

After 410 km more or less boring riding it was time to stop for the day.

In Ribeseya I found a nice hotel close to the coast.

No rain in the evening for around 1 hour – my chance to move a bit and go for a walk.

Met some new friends, happy bulls in a pasture with a view.

Here is the trip on Calimoto.

Ride safe and enjoy yourself!!

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