Rushing in Spain – will it be better in France?

New day, new luck?! Nope guy’s, unfortunately not really.

Weather still not good so I decided to go back on the road and make it to France over the Pyrenees mountains.
The idea was, that there it should be better and at least dry.

350 km out of the 400 on this day where in the rain. Ribeseya to Angresse.

In Angresse it was not too bad. A nice little town, but lots of traffic.

After a quiet night with the sound of rain and thunderstorms and a delicious breakfast, I continued the trip back home This time on smaller roads as the distance on the main highway is approx 150 km longer.

Rain was my constant companion – the small roads got really slippery.

Triumph Tiger 1200 under a bridge

After 258 km I had enough of water and stopped in Cassagnes.

Here is the trip on Calimoto.

The 22.06.23 was another rainy day. Started in the morning with changing weather, rode on small roads passing by some cute villages.

And finally arrived in a heavy thunderstorm what made me taking shelter in a bus stop.

Seriously upset about my bad luck with the weather, it was time to find a room and take a rest.

This day, just 178 km more on the clock but what you can do?

On I found a hotel nearby. When checking in there, the guy at the reception told me, that the next day the weather will be fine! Ha ha I thought by myself. I believe this when I see it.

Here is the trip on Calimoto

Ride safe and enjoy yourself.

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  1. Sangjaa

    Ride while the road wet is not fun better take a break and relax

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