RE Himalayan silver

Some of you might now think, why a second Royal Enfield Himalayan and especially in Germany where it’s probably not a smooth ride with 24 hp.

Well, in Germany most sold ADV bikes are BMW.

But, I test rided a GS and not feel comfortable on that bike.
Way too many buttons and way too much electronic stuff.
What is, for sure, good for safety reasons but when I think about something on the bike is not working in the middle of no where and far away from any BMW garage then I prefer simple technoligy like the Himalayan.
This can be fixed everywhere in the world by a mechanic without any knowledge of electronics.

As I own already a Himalayan, it know the motorbike already.
Know the strengh and week sides of the bike.

And the offer was very tempting.

A ready to go travel bike with all of the useful modifications and tons of spare parts at a very reasonable price.

Royal Enfield Himalayan