EST – Narva to Alūksne (LV)

BMW R1150 RT, Estonia

24.06.24 – Day 31 from the Baltics solo on a BMW R1150 RT

Today I crossed the entire country of Estonia back to Latvia. 317 km on great roads, even had some small “hills” and twists on the way.

After a great sleep in the quiet nature of Narva country side I got up late.

When arriving at breakfast, a french guy started talking to me. He and his wife were on a Baltic countries trip on a BMW R1150 RT as well. So a lot to talk, time passed by fast.

Finally I got my stuff ready and when I go outside to the parking, I saw the Harley Davidson guy who arrived late in the evening fixing his motorbike with the help of a couple in a mobile home. Clutch was slipping.
You can imagine, that I joked a lot about the quality of a Harley.

The guy was from Finland, 50 km outside of Helsinki and on a trip to Poland by himself. Usually Harley riders always go in a group. Seems like they need support when the bike has issues?!

Even that I funny this guy a lot, we had a good chat together. Very relaxed!!

In the end I started the engine at almost 10 am. Weather is nice and warm.

The plan for the day was to make some mileage down south to Latvia and probably cross the border.

The first 100 something kilometers until Tartu were kind of a lonesome ride on lonesome roads. Not much traffic but really good roads.

After passing by Tartu, things got a bit more exciting.

Some hilly terrain with ups and downs, some of them steep and some twists. I appreciated that a lot after all the straight roads before.

In the middle of nowhere, the Estonian Road Museum is located. I was really surprised and almost passed by.

Even that the sky looked like rain, I needed to stop and have a look. Lucky me, it was closed due to Independence Day holiday.

If the museum was not closed, I would have taken a deeper look. And probably stuck somewhere in the rain. That’s why lucky me!

After a short photo stop, a border crossing back to Latvia

Estonia border to Latvia

and more than 300 km of riding I arrived in Alūksne.

There I stayed with two lovely and super friendly ladies at a guest house named “Lapegle”.

42 EUR for the room – a great deal.

After check-in I went out for a walk.

Alūksne (Marienburg) is a town on the shores of Lake Alūksne in northeastern Latvia near the borders with Estonia and Russia. Alūksne is the highest elevated Latvian city, located in East Vidzeme Upland at 217 m above sea level. The high elevation of the city affects the social and physical arrangement of the place.

In my opinion, this is a cute little and sleepy city with slow life granted. If you pass by, take a break and relax.

For dinner I grabbed a Pizza opposite the room at Zebra Pizzeria. It was so so. As it started raining, it was perfect that I just needed to cross the road.

Tomorrow I plan to continue South, not really in a hurry but I miss the mountains and look forward to arrive in the Tatra mountains in Poland ans Slovakia.

Find the details of the trip in the link here.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!


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