EST – Tallinn to Narva

BMW R1150RT, Estonia

23.06.24 – Day 30 solo trip to Estonia on a BMW R1150 RT

Narva is almost the “eastern most” of Europe and you can ride along the Estonian / Russian border. Meaning, in Narva the EU ends.

Sounds interesting to me, so lets go and check it out.

I started late at 10.45 am because I met a German couple at the breakfast and had a nice chat with them. But does not matter – at 11 pm it’s still not dark. So 12 hours daylight should be enough for the trip.

Narva itself is not a nice city as it was completely destroyed in 1944. Almost no historical buildings survived that raid from the German “Wehrmacht” and the Russian forces.

The ride today was great – one of the highlights of the whole trip.
Out of Tallinn on the main highway – no problem as it is Sunday.

After 40 km I went on small roads along the coast. Visited small villages and had some really great views.

And more views to the Baltic Sea

After 270 km riding as much as possible along the coast, I arrived in the afternoon in
Narva – Joesuu. This is a very touristy spot as you have beaches there, a lot of hotels and restaurants.

And – here the view to Russia starts. Just across the Narva river.

Going south on the road 91 to Narva you get some more views. (Russia is on the opposite side of the river).

Everything looking normal and not much different to the Estonian side of the river.

But, you should never forget that in 2024 Russia is a totally different country.
They are at war with the Ukraine, the life in Russia is not freedom and they are under a dictatorship government.
(So what I write here can bring you to jail in Russia).

This is a fact what makes me very sad and thoughtful as I always have been a fervent advocate of travel and visa freedom.

And ultimately, one person (Putin) can enslave entire countries with his way of thinking.

No more politics now, better check out where to stay tonight.

I found a hotel 10 km outside of Narva, the Hotel Laagna.

Reminds me about Soviet times as I think the style not changed much.

Anyways, it was quiet, clean, worth the money and with breakfast.

As the weather was nice and still warm, I had a peaceful evening. Walking around and sitting in the evening sun.

All in all a great riding day with some thoughtful aspects.

Find the details of the trip in the link here.

As I stay one night here, lets see where I will arrive tomorrow. But I will for sure go South.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!

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