EST – Tallinn day 2

Tallinna Linnahall, Tallinn, Estonia Concert hall

22.06.24 – Day 29 solo trip to Estonia on a BMW R1150 RT

After a very good sleep in the comfortable bed of the Ibis hotel and a good breakfast it was time to start the day.

The today’s plan was simple, visit the harbour, find a barber shop for a hair cut and buy some water for the trip tomorrow.

Starting with the barber was not easy. Got rejected 3 times as you need to have an appointment what I not had so I arrived at the old town harbour without a hair cut (but still handsome I believe)

On The way, I passed by a lot of construction, roads as well as new buildings. The area is called “Rotermanni Kvartal”. It seems like this will be the new hipster area of Tallinn.

Rotermanni Kvartal, Tallinn, Estonia

Out of there and a couple of constructions later, I saw some old stairs leading to no where but people walking up and down.

Maybe the stairways to heaven? Curious as I am I checked it out and arrived at the “Tallinna Linnahall”.(Lenin Palace of Culture and Sport)

Built just beyond of the walls of the Old Town, completed in 1980 for the Olympic Games 1980 in Moscow, the venue and the concert hall was closed in 2009 / 2010.
As there are no investors, the building and the area getting more and more abandoned and is mostly closed for the public.

Views to the harbour and the center city of Tallinn

This spot is in my experience the most dirty and abandoned in Tallinn.

When standing up there and looking around, I saw a guy with a guitar on his back walking through an open door inside the administrative area.
Spontaneously I decided to follow him and arrived at a small door.

The door was open, so they invited me to go inside. The Ding Dong of the entrance bell waked up the guard – an old guy.

He arrived out of his box and asked something what I did not understand. I answered in English (what he not understood) if it is possible to have a look inside.

Somehow – and I think because I can be very charming – he invited me for a quick tour into the concert hall.

Very dark in there, so the photos (shot with a phone) are not the best.

Anyways, a great atmosphere and very very quiet in there. I loved it like this. A magic place what not many people now a days manage to visit!!!

On the way back, I shortly had a look the Old Town harbour – the ferry from Helsinki just arrived so a lot of people.

And finally I found a barber shop who cut / shaved me!

It was after lunch already, on the way back to the hotel I passed by a local market and got a few bottles of water. Mission for this day accomplished.

After a pizza in the hotel restaurant it was time to take a nap and later edit the photos and write the journal.

All in all a good day, I met nice people and learned something new!!

Tomorrow I will be back on the road again on my way to Narva, Estonia.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!!

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  1. Sangjaa

    This concert hall is amazing 🤩

    1. Dusty Socks

      This was really a special feeling walking around there!

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