LV – Nida (LT) to Ventspils

BMW R1150RT border to Latvia

14.06.24 – Day 21 solo trip to Estonia on a BMW R1150 RT

Going up North today – always along the coast.

But first need to get off the peninsula and this means riding almost 50 km to the ferry – what was this time surprisingly relaxed. Even that there are some road constructions on the one and only road on the peninsula.

After a good breakfast I started at 9 am . Weather was nice, sunny and 13 degrees C.

When arrived at the ferry I was surprised that there was no ticket box. Not when enter the ferry, nor when leaving the ferry. This means, the 6,80 EUR I paid the day before is the 2 way fee. I call that very fair and appreciate that a lot!!!

Off the ferry and straight into Klaipeda – almost through the center city. So it took a while and some red traffic lights to get out of the city into the freedom of riding.

As there were no alternative roads, the A 13 highway is the way to go. First on 4 lanes, later more cosy on 2 lanes.

This road leads straight to the Lithuania / Latvia border. The crossing was easy again without any checkpoints – thanks to Schengen.

Guess what – in Latvia the roads and the landscape are not really different to Lithuania. Feels all very straight and Nordic. Anyways – country Nr 5 on this trip.

What – for me – is really a pity…why is there not a real coastal road along the sea. Like the Royal Coast Road in Thailand.
Some twists would be great as well. And some nice views like this one.

But as is was almost everywhere straight I made some good mileage and arrived finally in Ventspils.

Now you might think, what this guy wants to do in Ventspils? Well, take a break, walk around and going the next day to Riga. But along the coast.

WhenI arrived at my booked accommodation, an apartment, I was first a bit surprised. Felt like I arrive back in the communist era when have a look at the house.

But, the people living there where very friendly and the host told me yes it’s safe to park the motorbike like that.

The apartment looked like the family stayed there before – it was clean and equipped with everything you might need.

After getting settled, the plan was to explore the city. Honestly not much to see so I took this as an walking excursion, took some photos, found a pizza restaurant, went back to the room and relaxed a bit.
Here are some photos of Ventspils:

266km today – a relaxed ride. Had some new experience about accommodation and a pleasant walk around in a small city. I call that a good day.

Find the details of the trip in the link here.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!!!

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  1. Sangjaa

    Another cool day with great ride and old style of the apartment

    1. Dusty Socks

      The old style apartment was something different. And helped a lot to understand how people stay.

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