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19.06.24 – Day 26 solo trip to Estonia on a BMW R1150 RT

Time to leave Riga and ride to Tallinn, Estonia. That was the plan.

With some detours on twisty roads this should be possible.

So I had an early breakfast again at 06.20 am and started the engine at 8 am.
Weather was not too bad, a bit cloudy but dry.

The first 40 km were not really funny. Lot of morning traffic and riding in industrial areas around Riga.

The route I took and was recommended by a guy at BMW was not too bad. At least some twists on smaller but good roads. Fun to ride.

BTW- Moscow is not far, just a 2 to 3 days ride…lol.

Unfortunately the weather got worse and worse – more and more clouds and close to the Estonian border heavy rain started.
As I was on the road already for + 230 km and got tired (remember the early breakfast) it was a good decision to check about accommodation. The closest little city was Ainaži with a lot of choices for a room.
The Priedes maja Hotel was the one I choose and I can recommend that.
74 EUR per night incl breakfast is a good value for the money. Safe parking for the bike as well and a restaurant.

The rain not stopped until 4 pm, so time to take a nap!

As soon as the rain stopped, I went out for a walk. This little town is cute. A lot of old houses with a description about the history.

For me a very very cute little town! And the best is, the border to Estonia is not far.

I had dinner in the hotel and went to bed early after some route planning.

Find the details of the trip in the link here.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself guy’s!!!


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