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Riga Latvia

16.06.24 – Day 23 solo trip to Estonia on a BMW R1150 RT

The first night in the worst 4 star hotel I have ever been (Radisson Blu Daugava, Riga) was ok. At least the bed is comfortable.

What was not ok is the breakfast. They charge 20 EUR for that and it’s really nothing special. Or in other words, not worth the money.

Anyways, I managed to fill up myself with new energy, so ready for a walk and check out the old town

When crossing the bridge from the hotel to the center city, the first catches my eye was a big cruising ship. Wow, this might be fun then with all the people.

The next what you see in the city is a lot of police. You can ask yourself, is it safe then? It should be because cameras on every corner.

When you walk around in the old town, it’s hard to find something nice.
Even that Riga centre also has many great examples of Gothic revival architecture, such as the Kalpaka Boulevard Library, and a bevy of Art Nouveau architecture, as well as a medieval old town.
Anyways, the city is not as clean as cities in Poland and Lithuania.
Lot’s of graffiti, homeless people begging for money, rubbish in the streets. Looking a bit like in Berlin.
By the way, Berlin and the “new” way of German thinking. This is the front side of the German embassy in Riga.

I am not sure if this is the right way to present one of the leading countries in the world to the public?!

Compared to the other capital city in the Baltic states I visited already on this trip (Vilnius), Riga is not nice and kind of overrated.
Why? Riga is not cosy, more hectic, less attractive about leisure opportunities and you always need to fight with the traffic.
For example, there is the Daugava river – but you almost not have any leisure opportunities along the river. Which is a great pity.

Here some impressions of Riga.

Stay tuned guy’s and enjoy yourself!!


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