Triumph Rocket 3 GT “Boss”

We had a deeper look at the Rocket 2 years ago already – and too much respect about the enormous torque, weight and power.

This year, after my PCL surgery it was the right time to think again.

Think about if 2500 cc and 220 Nm torque is usefull in a motorbike?

Think about if 1.500 EUR just for the rear tire is fun to pay? Think about if a range of 280 km before refueling works for touring? And think about when and where to ride that bike?

After thinking we (my wife and myself) decided to buy one. Because who cares – life is too short for thinking too much.

And here she is… 2023 model in chrome/red with quick shift and some extra space for touring.

What I should say…this motorbike is awesome, fun, and surprisingly easy to ride as the Rocket is very well balanced.

Triumph Rocket 3 GT