Why so quiet?!

End of last year a hammock made me fall on my right knee and left hand. Stupid me, it hurts and the knee got swolen.

Never mind I thought by myself, I can walk, I can bend and I can ride a motorbike. So it might not be such a big issue.

Over the days and weeks the swelling not got better and during a family trip to Chiang Mai with a lot of walking, the knee got more and more swolen.

Opposite of the hotel, there was an orthopedic clinic and I decided to go there and remove the liquid in the knee.

It turned out that the doc there was one of the best orthopedics in Thailand. He asked what happened, funny me a lot when he hear the story and checked the stability of the knee. After 5 sec he diagnosted a PCL rupture. That was confirmed by an MRI we did the same evening.

Next day we arrived back at the clinic and got an appointment for surgery beginning of Jan 2023.

So after new year we arrived back to Chiang Mai again. The surgery was successful but no way to travel, to walk and even go to toilet without crutches. Instead pain and physical therapy. First in Chiang Mai and later back home.

Now, 2 month after surgery, riding a motorbike is no problem. Walking and go by bicycle no problem as well. The only thing I need to focus on is gain muscle.

Currently we are on a motorbike trip up to Chiang Mai again for visit the doctor. I really appreciate the good work in the surgery and the professional work of the physical therapists.

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