1.114 km in 15 hrs

The receptionist was right on the day before – great weather now. Sunny and around 20 degrees in the morning already.

Hurry with the breakfast to get on the road as soon as possible and make some mileage.

I thought by myself that it would be fine for me to arrive at the French – German border close to Weil am Rhein and probably stay over night in Germany.

The ride in France on small roads was awesome. After 5 days of rain in a row I really enjoyed the sun and the views.

Passed by some nice little chateaus

And enjoyed the views again and again

The closer I got to Germany, the warmer it got. This was real summer with almost 30 degrees.

My original intention after arriving back to Germany was riding in the southern part of the Black Forrest, then pass by the Lake Constance and ride towards Munich.

But…the weather was really nice and warm and I still had daylight so I decided to go on the main highway and ride as far as I can.

Just 450 km to go back home. Those who know the German autobahns without speed limits know that the 450 km are actually not a problem.
And yes I enjoyed the speed on the fast autobahn track!!!

Unfortunately there was traffic jam close to Pforzheim what delayed me for 30 min. And in the night it got really cold. Cold but that kept me fresh and awake.

So after 1.114 km and 15 hrs riding I finally arrived back home at 1 am. What a trip.
Honestly I was almost dead after this one and I know I would never ever do this again. In the end it’s really not worth to recover for the next couple of days. And my back had some serious issues of pain.

Here is the trip on Calimoto.

Ride safe and enjoy yourself!!!

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    Learn something more sometimes is the best but hopefully this is last time that you do it like this 😍

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