A little bit of off-road riding…

Germany is not Scandinavia or the Balkan countries.
Unfortunately off-road riding with a motorbike is very restricted here. Sometimes I have the feeling that this sign.…

…is one of the most used in Germany, especially when we talk about unsealed roads.

Lucky me that in the area I live, there are some roads where you can ride a motorbike

So, the weather was nice and I took out the Himalayan for having a some fun.

Guy’s don’t blame about the video, I am not professional in video (yet) but it’s art!

All in all it was a funny day, riding, take photos and the video and playing around a bit. Very relaxed.
This is what riding a motorbike should be! No need to take to too serious!!

#dustysocks #royalenfieldhimalayan #trehimalayan #offroad #germany

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  1. Sangjaa

    I will comment about the video because this is good and the Himalayan is always cool bike👍🏍️📸😍

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