Cologne to Gibraltar – day 1

Technically this trip started in Wuppertal, Germany but as Wuppertal is pretty unknown and as I passed by Cologne officially this trip started in Cologne.

Waked up and had a look outside, rain – arrived back from breakfast, still raining – get my stuff ready and packed the motorbike in the rain – started the trip in heavy rain.
Not such fun but what you can do??

The first kilometers on the German Autobahn to pass by Leverkusen and Cologne as fast as possible.

After leaving the highway and heading into the Eifel it was a way more relaxed riding on small and twisty roads. Unfortunately the rain never stopped, so no photos of this part of the trip. But I can tell you, the nature was rich green, a pleasure for the eyes.

After our first trip to Luxemburg in 2022, this trip was not such nice, This year it was much better. Ok, still raining but it seems that the road planning was better so I really enjoyed the ride in that small country.

After 280 km with almost non stop rain it was enough and it should be the last night in Germany. The hotel in Perl, opposite of Schengen, was with a great value for the money including parking in the private garage of the owner. They know how to make motorcyclists happy!!

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