Triumph Rocket 3 – frist impressions after ~ 3.000 km

country: Thailand
motorbike: power cruiser
the trip: 2 weeks, 3.000 km and around 2.000 curves and twists on part of the Mae Hong Son loop, Thailand

  • Riding on main highways with good road conditions:
    No problem at all, that is what the Rocket is made for. Great cruising experience. Turn on the music and the cruise control and relax.

  • Riding on roads with bad road conditions:
    Well, the Rocket is not an adventure bike. So a lot suspension travel is missing.
    But it can work as we found out on our trip – just take care and adjust the speed.

  • Riding in the city or get stucked in a traffic jam:
    Hot air from the engine arrives at the rider below 50 km/h. Sometimes I had the feeling that butt and balls getting barbecued.
    As soon as the fan cooling starts working, the right leg is also part of the hot air party.
    For the passenger – prepare yourself for some heat from the exhaust.

  • Riding on mountain roads:
    Hell yeah what a fun – endless power and torque in combination with a well balanced bike makes it easy to ride in the mountains and even in U-bends.

  • Luggage – the original Triumph panniers:
    Enough space when you stay in hotels and wash your clothes if necessary. Even with two people it works fine.

  • The Rocket 3 GT itself:
    – Perfect riding position even for taller people like me with 188 cm.
    Comfortable seat especially for the rider.
    – For the passenger hmmmm…if you have a bony butt and/or too long legs it
    might be uncomfortable on longer distances.
    – The engine – for me beyond any doubt. Enough power and torque for every
    situation. The sound is not too loud and never pushy on longer distances.
    – Brakes fit to the engine power.
    – All the little electronic helpers. In my opinion, they are necessary for “random”
    bikers to control the power of the Rocket and therefore they help to enhance
    the riding experience.
    – Quality of the bike. I am not sure why but in some details the quality could be
    better. For example cable guides what getting lost.
    – Handling of the bike. In my point of view for a 300kg plus bike perfect. Easy to
    ride and easy to push forward and backwards.

  • Costs on that first trip

    Service cost for the 1.000 km service in Thailand: 7.500 THB what is around 210 EUR incl. Liqui Moly 15W-50 Street engine oil, Gear oil, filters etc

    Fuel consumtion based on riding 60% highways, 30% mountains and 10% city was 16.6 km/l. What is in my opinion for a 2.500cc engine and the fun you have with the bike absolutely fine.

Conclusion: .
The Triumph Rocket is the epitome of a power cruiser.
No matter what, the Rocket has from everything more than enough.

Unfortunatelly, these kinds of motorbikes are like dinosaurs, an endangered species.
According to the plans of the politics, in latest 20 years we all will ride around on electric bikes with no sound and soul.

What I will do with the Rocket? Enjoy her as long as I can and later hold her in honor to show the next generation of bikers what they missed!

PS: if some of you guy’s now think that the review is too positi’ve or you have different experiences with the Rocket, let me know in the comments.

Ride safe and enjoy yourself folks!!

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