GER – Rottenburg to Rastatt

BMW R1150 RT in front of the B&B hotel in Rastatt

25.05.24 – Day 2 solo trip to Tallinn on a BMW R1150 RT

Not making the same mistake when starting too early, I took my time in the morning and started at 09.30 am after a fantastic breakfast.

Today’s plan was simple – ride to Karlsruhe and visit a friend. Afterwards crossing the Rhine river by ferry.

Karlsruhe is not really a great city and for me not worth to visit it except you have really to do something there.
The city was planned with the palace tower (Schloss) at the center and 32 streets radiating out from it like the spokes of a wheel, or the ribs of a folding fan, so that one nickname for Karlsruhe in German is the “fan city” (Fächerstadt). Almost all of these streets survive to this day. Because of this city layout, in metric geometry, Karlsruhe metric refers to a measure of distance that assumes travel is only possible along radial streets and along circular avenues around the centre.

After a great chat with my friend, I left at 4 pm for the river crossing. But, due to high tide of the river, the ferry didn’t work.

So, let’s check the map and find out where is the next bridge. Sure there is one in Karlsruhe but that was not really an option as I arrived from there already and not wanted to go back.

So, the city of Rastatt had a bridge – let’s go there.
Unfortunately it was late already and as I wanted to visit a museum the next day, I decided to find a hotel and stay in Rastatt.

One of the hotels along the route was the B & B hotel (formally Best Western) The good thing was, that there are a lot of supermarkets around. The bad thing was, that the room was really dirty. I am not sure who and how they cleaned it, but that was definitely not professional. Anyways, for one night is was ok.

So after a quick dinner it was time to go to bed to be fresh the next morning.

The ride this day was quite ok. Passed the northern part of the Black Forest, arrived in the city of Karlsruhe through the “Back door” and had some really straight roads towards Rastatt. Nothing really special.
And not really far, around 150 km.

Stay tuned guy’s and enjoy yourself!!

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