GER – Aying to Rottenburg

BMW R1150RT in Germany

24.05.24 – Day 1 solo trip to Tallinn on a BMW R1150 RT

Since mid of May 2024 I am back to Germany and after 10 days getting things sorted out here, it’s time to go traveling and to be back on the road again.

The plan is to visit my mom in Haan and then continue to the Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

As I not rode a single kilometer on the old lady (BMW R1150 RT) in 2023, it’s time to take her out for this trip and enjoy the challenge of riding a non electrified motorcycle. Don’t get me wrong, the RT is a great bike and very very comfortable!!! Sure you can’t compare a 24 yrs old motorbike to a modern RT or GS.
But honestly, going back to the roots without any electronic helpers is not too bad.

So, after 1 day of preparing the bike and myself, I started early at 7 am. After the first 80 km of riding around Munich on the main highway I started regretting leaving early.

Ok, not much traffic at this time but freaking cold. I think not more than 8 or 9 degrees. On the positive side, it was dry even that the sky was full of clouds.

Almost frozen like an ice cube, I found a supermarket with a coffee shop and decided to warm up and have coffee and breakfast.
What a great feeling when the hot coffee arrived in the stomach. All vitality has returned instantly.

Freshly strengthened I continued the trip and lucky me that it got warmer and warmer.

The ride on small roads with almost no traffic was fun and I enjoyed a lot!!

Great roads all day long

Some old history along the road

And a great view around Burladingen…

Look how green the nature is…it’s a pleasure for the eyes to see that!!

After 360 km of a pleasant ride (the cold part in the morning I forgot already) I arrived at
2 pm in Rottenburg / Neckar and decided to find a place to stay as the sky getting darker and darker. There is no need to get wet!

Rottenburg was founded as a Roman town, Sumelocenna, probably around the year AD98, and was one of the most important Roman towns in the southwest of Germany. It had a line of walls built to defend it from the attacks of the Alamanni, who nevertheless destroyed it in 259-260.

The decision to stop was the right one. 10 min after check in the Hotel Martinshof it started raining.

After the rain stopped, I had the chance to walk around and explore the old town.

As you can see on the photos, the next thunderstorm will arrive soon. At least I got one hour to visit the city. What was enough for me.

If you wonder why the Neckar river is brown, it’s because of too much rain in the last couple of days. Then almost every river looks like this.

The day ended in going to bed early – not much to do when the weather is shit.

Find the details of the trip in the link here.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!!


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