Sisaket (TH) to Singapore – Ep 20

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Malaysia – Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands were named after William Cameron, a British  explorer and geologist who was commissioned by the then colonial government to map out the Pahang-Perak border area in 1885.

In a statement concerning his mapping expedition, Cameron mentioned he saw “a sort of vortex on the mountains, while for a (reasonably) wide area we have gentle slopes and plateau land.” When approached, Sir Hugh Low the Resident of Perak (1887–1889), expressed the wish of developing the region into a “sanatorium, health resort and open farmland.” A narrow path to Cameron Highlands was then carved through the jungle. Nothing much happened after that.

Forty years later, the tableland was given another review when Sir George Maxwell (1871–1959) visited the locale to see if it could be turned into a resort. He spent about nine days surveying the territory. Maxwell described the terrain as being “somewhat oval in shape on his return from the highlands.

The trip to the Cameron Highlands was meant to be one of the highlights in Malaysia. Ipoh is great for start the journey in and around the highlands.
We did a 30 km ride in the morning on the main highway, then turned left on route 59 into the mountains. A windy road in good conditions. In the morning with almost no traffic great to ride.
Cool and fresh air, 23 to 24 degrees C.

Once you arrive up in the Cameron Highlands, don’t expect that it stays calm and relaxed. Sure you have great views and awesome roads but also

traffic jam and fruit / flower farms killing the atmosphere.

A left over from the past. Some of the Land Rovers are still on the road, some more or less used as spare parts.

On our way back to Ipoh, we passed by Port Lepak, located at the route 185.
Port Lepak is a viewpoint and rest station with coffee, tea and food. Built by a private owner on his own land along the road.
The view is stunning, coffee, tea and food are delicious.

After the break in Port Lepak is started raining. First just a few drops, then heavy rain. Well, that’s the mountain weather.

Conclusion about the Cameron Highlands: The best is the road up and down. Really a pleasure to ride. The weather is cool, fresh air and some great views.
But, a lot of traffic (we go there during the week days and not in holiday) and yeah, the “cities” and villages are totally touristic minded.

Find the details of the trip in the Calimoto link.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!


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  1. Sangjaa

    It was to crowded and the views are killed by the farm

    1. Dusty Socks

      Unfortunately yes… only some parts were really nice and peaceful.

  2. b

    This is fascinating for me to see. I lived in KL in 1997 and visited the CH back then. It was tiny in comparison! The plantations were all tea, with no plastic roofing. I’m shocked to see it now. On the road up to Tanah Rata we passed an Orang Asli guy who had a blowpipe slung over one shoulder and a monkey over the other. I bet that’s a sight from history now. Malaysia is so beautiful, but the love of money has trashed it. Thanks for posting.

    1. Dusty Socks

      You are absolutely right. Modern times are ruled by the love of money. This is not always positive.

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