Along the border – Khong Chiam to Khemarat

Winter not arrived yet so another hot day in Isaan even that the wind from the North started. What is a good sign for that cooler weather will arrive soon.

As a hot day is expected, an early start at 6 am, when the air is still fresh is recommended.

Pha Taem National Park was our first destination to go.
The National Park is known for the first sunlight touching Thailand, for mushroom shaped rocks and extensive, 3000 yrs old rock art.
As usual in Thailand, the entrance fee for foreigners – even when they live in Thailand, pay tax in Thailand and invest in Thailand – is 10 times higher than for Thai people.
As we both visited the National Park already and as it started to get hot we decided to skip and continue our trip to the Eastern Most of Thailand.

Located in a small village named Ban Pak La, the spot itself is not really spectacular. But the ride on the road is great with some awesome views on the Mekong.

The Eastern Most of Thailand in Ban Pak La

What I am really curious about is, why Thailand promote a National Park for the first sunlight touching Thailand and not a random village what is the Eastern Most of Thailand? Oh, I know…in the National Park they earn money, in the village they don’t. A rogue who thinks evil?!

Anyways, time to continue and check out the Pha Chana Dai National Park.

For enter the National Park you need to pay as well.
Same system – foreigners more expensive than Thai people. This time we wanted to pay and visit the National Park as it is really nice.
But, you can enter the National Park only at certain times. For us this meant wait for 1,5 hrs until they let us in. That was a bit too long so we skipped that National Park as well.

After a coffee break and a bit cooling down we continued the trip to Wat Suan Hin Pa Nang Koi.

The highlight of the temple is the big Naga overlooking the Mekong and the spectacular views.

Even that parts of the road to the temple are made out of concrete, the road to the temple is mostly unsealed and very dusty in the dry season.

After getting some cultural imput in the temple, it was time to go to the beach!

Wait… you travel in Ubon Ratchathani and not in Rayong or Hua Hin! How there can be beaches in the Isaan???

Yep, there are beaches along the Mekong!!!
So for what you travel hundreds of kilometers to go to the sea? Well yes, there are some differences.
In Ubon Ratchathani you get no fresh seafood for example. And you swim in a river and not in the sea.
But the Ubon Ratchathani Mekong beaches are great as well. And different to the sea, very quiet and not overrun with people.

After some relaxing time at the beach it was time to go to Khemarat find a place to stay and more important, find some food.

Unfortunatelly the ride on the Hwy 2112 to Khemarat was not really fun. Very very shit road conditions – some parts dangerous as the trucks kill the tarmac.

All in all a great day with a lot of new experiences.

Find the trip details in the Calimoto link.

Enjoy yourself and keep the tires on the road!!

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