Along the border – Kok Thong to Hua Khwang

This day started great and ended up funny in a not really positive way.

In the home stay in Kok Thong we enjoyed a really delicious home made breakfast, even got a lunch packet – some salad with a very yummy home made dressing and very full we started our trip first on a small rural road, then on Hwy 2115 towards East.

The ride was great with some twists for the first 40 km or so until we arrived on Hwy 201 heading South. Main highway is never fun but there are not many other promising choices.

So first on Hwy 201, then Hwy 210, then Hwy 2146 direction to the Ubol Ratana Dam.

The Ubol Ratana Dam, formerly known as the “Phong Neeb Dam”, is a multi-purpose dam in tambon Khok Sung, Ubolratana district, approximately 50 km (31 mi) north of Khon KaenKhon Kaen province, Thailand. It was the first hydroelectric power project developed in Thailand’s northeastern area of Isaan. The dam impounds the Nam Phong, which flows into the Chi River and thence to the Mun River, a tributary of the Mekong River. The dam was given its current name by royal permission in 1966, in honour of princess Ubol Ratana, the eldest child of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

We visited / passed by this dam several times. This time was the first time we see the dam full of water. Looking amazing!

Those who passed by there already might remember the viewpoint on Hwy 2146 with a great view on the reservoir?!

This parking at the formally public viewpoint is now closed, they built another skywalk there. Here is the location. You need to park 1 km down the road, and rent a car to arrive at the skywalk.

Lucky us, with the motorbike it was easy to go in. Ok, the people where not happy but let us park there, have a look and take some photos.

What I hear is that on the weekend / holidays they have 500+ visitors per day. When we arrived, no one with us.
Entrance fee for the skywalk is 60 Baht for Thai nationality and 100 Baht for foreigners.

I have the feeling that building skywalks is very common now a days in Thailand?!
Just another one for “fancy” people taking more or less professional Instagram content.

After the break we continued, passing by Khon Kaen and arrived in Hua Khwang, a town in the Maha Sarakham province on Hwy 208 between Khon Kaen and Maha Sarakham.

As it got really hot we decided to take a break and cool down a bit in a coffee shop by sitting in the AC and get some iced coffee and tea.

The decision we made to take it relaxed and stay in the Sweet Home Resort was a, in a bad way, funny decision. On the photos the resort looked good, has a roof covered parking but in the end it was a 400/200 resort.

400 Baht for the night, 200 Baht for short term (3 hrs).

Did you ever stay in a resort like this? For us it was the first experience. Located in the rice fields, the resort was not really clean. Just made for a quick fuck. Believe me, there was a lot of traffic during the night time. Seems like the people in the area are very active!!

I think we where the only guests staying for the night…lol

Take it positive: We got some new experiences and now we know that we will never stay in a 400/200 resort again for the night!

Find the details of the trip in the Calimoto link.

Ride safe guys and enjoy yourself!!

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  1. Sangjaa

    Learned a lot about the short and long times resort…lol

    1. Dusty Socks

      And we will never do this again…lol

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