GER – Haan to Wernigerode

29.05.24 – Day 6 solo trip to Tallinn on a BMW R1150 RT

You know the feeling when you plan to ride a motorbike and you wake up in the morning and see the heavy rain outside?
Then you know my mood when having a look outside in the morning.
But ok, what else than going to breakfast first you can do? And hope for the best later.

After breakfast I got my stuff on the motorbike – luckily the heavy rain stopped.

Starting at 10 am and right in the highway, the first 130 km have been planned for making some mileage, save time and get out of the populated area as fast as possible. But wrong thinking. In Wuppertal, a city not far from Haan I arrived in the first traffic jam. And it started raining again.
WOW…that’s not fun. Off the highway is not an option as the alternative route is through the city with traffic and traffic lights. Not the faster way.

Long story short, the traffic jam disappeared without that I found a reason for the
almost 1 hour I lost there.
And the rain came and went as it pleased to kidding and annoying me.

In total this trip was 370 km – 40 km without rain.

Here we are with the summer in Germany and the politically prescribed energy transition:

One time, 140 km away from where I planned to go (Wernigerode) I felt like I need a submarine instead of a motorbike. Flooding on the road so better stop over and drink something warm.

Along the route in the Harz mountains. The Harz is in general perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts.
Lots of twisty roads and great landscape. But not when you have heavy rain. You see nothing and wet roads are slippery.

Finally, after 7 hours, I arrived in Wernigerode.

Wernigerode contains several interesting gothic buildings, including a fine town hall with a timber facade from 1498. Some of the quaint old houses which have escaped the numerous fires through the years are elaborately adorned with wood-carving.

After check in at the HKKHotel, parking the motorbike in the garage and get settled in the room something happened what I never expected.

Blue sky and sun….wow…time for a walk around and exploring.

Wernigerode is a cute city, that’s why many tourists visit here. That’s why there are a lot of restaurants and hotels. I believe, usually it’s not difficult to find a bed for the night.

Tired from the ride and the walk, I felt asleep early and had a very very good night.

Find the details of the trip in the Kurviger link.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself guy’s!!!


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  1. Sangjaa

    I can imagine ride with the rain is not fun anyway you are lucky that have the room for stay in the cute city … i love all the best photos 🥰👍👍👍😘

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