Triumph Tiger – additional safety features!

To be seen and to be heard is – for me – one of the most important things on the road.

Especially in countries where a significant amount of people not have a feeling for the traffic, not care others on the road, often not even have a driving license.

They just drive and are proud of themselves that they can arrive.

So time to add on some useful modifications to the Tiger.
Thankfully in Thailand it’s easy and our Triumph dealer in Khon Kaen did it for us so we not loose the warranty on the motorbike.

Side note – BMW does not offer that service in Thailand. So if an external company works on the electric system of the motorbike you will loose the warranty. And / or BMW can always say that any electrical problems are caused by your aftermarket modifications.

So here it is – the additional spot lights from PIAA – one of the best brands you can get in Thailand.

Spotlights on a Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer

To be heard is important as well – here we go with the horns. Sounds really scary!!!

The installation took time – from 10 am to 6 pm – so we needed to stay in Khon Kaen for one night.

Lucky us that the annually organized “International Silk Festival” was in town. Let’s go for a walk and visit this festival in front of the provincial hall.

It was loud, it was colorful, lots of people, food and a big market!

A festival you should visit if you have the chance!

Enjoy riding guy’s and stay safe!!!

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