350cc versus 2500cc

Wat Thep Prasat Sa Kamphaeng Noi Triumph Rocket 3 GT

When I woke up this morning I knew this will be a wonderful day in Thailand.
Cold in the morning but later it will be warm (not hot) and sunny.

So a perfect day to go for a ride!

After breakfast and driving my wife to the next town for buy some flowers, I prepared myself for the ride with the Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

This bike joined us a couple of month ago – technically it’s the bike of my wife.
But… it turned out that she is not really into riding by herself so it’s up on me to move this bike from time to time.

First stop was the Rasisalai dam. One of the most beautiful spots in our area here in Thailand.

I am 186 cm tall with long legs and honestly the Meteor look like it’s too small for me. But, I love riding this little thing as it is lightweight, maneuverable and I love the sound of the single cylinder.
The bike has 20 horsepower, in my opinion this is enough for cruising around in a very relaxed way.

From the dam it’s not far to another province in Thailand. Mostly on straight roads, very common in the North East of Thailand (Isaan). But who cares, the weather was still great!

Shortly after this sign I turned right direction Kham Khuean Kaeo and Sisaket. Again mostly straight roads but again, who cares.

After a couple of kilometers on the road, the sign for service popped up. So time to go back home and check about lunch.

On the way back home I thought by myself, why not ride the total opposite bike, my Triumph Rocket 3 GT with an 2.500 cc engine, 8 times more horsepower and I don’t know how much more torque than the Meteor.

Said and done:

There is a temple with Nagas named Wat Trai Samakkhi in Pho Si Suwan what I never visited before.
Here is the location.

This temple is very famous at the moment – and here we are.

A lot of people there and the guard at the entrance send me for parking on a dusty field so I decided not to go inside. Maybe visit this temple again in 2024 after new year.

The total opposite of Wat Trai Samakkhi is Wat Thep Prasat Sa Kamphaeng located at the Hwy 226 to Sisaket.
This temple is a mix of historical ancient temple ruins and a modern Buddhist temple.
Worth a visit when you are in the area but not worth a special trip.

So…350cc versus 2500cc what is it about?

First power and torque and second comfort.
For sure the Rocket has more power, is more comfortable and perfect for riding on long distances like we did on our North of Thailand trip.

But, always keep in mind, the Rocket is 9 times more expensive than the Meteor!
For this money you should expect 9 times more?!

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 on the other side is pure motorcycling.
No electronic gimmicks, except ABS.

In the mountains the 20 horsepower are not enough to have fun, especially when you are packed up for a trip. Another downside is that overtaking cars or even trucks can be a challenge. So you should not be in a hurry.
On flat land and for commuting the Meteor is enough.

As I pointed out above, for me the Meteor is fun to ride because of it’s relaxed way.

On the other hand, the Rocket is wayyyy more fun, more safe when overtaking. But riding this motorbike I recommend only to experienced riders. In the end, it’s a real beast!

I love riding both of them – each in it’s own special way!

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!!!

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