Thailand an off-road paradise?!

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Is Thailand one of the ultimate off-road countries in the world? Let’s find it out!

In Thailand you find hills, mountains, beaches, flat land like the Korat plateau and no matter where in the country, everywhere you find farm roads.

Farm roads are mostly unpaved, some washed out from the rain.
You find all types of surface. Sand, gravel, stones, mud in the rainy season and in the dry season solid hard like steel.
They lead to rice fields, fruit farms, whatever farms of the local people and sometimes to small villages somewhere in the nowhere.

Most of them are on government land, some on private land, those with mostly a dead end, once arriving in the farm or private house.

Unlike many other countries, in Thailand no one condemns you when riding the farm roads by motorcycle.
Ok, riding on private property is not a good idea unless you get the permission of the landlord.

Those farm roads are not always included in street maps and when riding them you often find a network of more and more farm roads and connecting roads. Nobody bothers to put these small roads and single trails in the map.

How to find them then? Well, just sit on your motorcycle, start the engine, ride and explore by yourself.

On my first rides in 2024, I went out and explored some of those farm roads around Rasisalai, Sisaket.
This area is known for straight main roads, high quality Jasmin rice, the Mun river and a large network of farm roads.

Once you arrive back into civilization, meaning you meet a main road with tarmac, no problem. Soon you will see the next unpaved road.
This system works everywhere in Thailand, no matter if in the mountains, the beaches or elsewhere.

Believe me, riding off-road legally without almost any limitations where to go is a great feeling.

For me, Thailand is one of the most off-road riders friendly countries with a lot of space to have a lot of fun!

Let’s go and start the adventure!!!

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