Along the border – Sisaket to Nam Yuen

Since a couple of years a ride along the Thailand border of Cambodia and Laos was in my plan.
This ride is mostly along the Mekong river.

On the 13th of November 2023 – a hot day in Isaan – we started the trip at 7 am.
As we live not directly at any border, we needed to go South first.

After a relaxed and smooth ride of 130 km we arrived at the Pha Phaya Goopree view point.

The Triumph Tiger and the symbol of Sisaket, Thailand.

When you visit this viewpoint I recommend to visit after the rainy season. Everything is green and enough water in the lake. So you get some stunning views.

After relaxing up there we rode towards east along the border. Sisaket is not known for much shadow and twisty roads, but riding along the border is really great. The Samrong Kiat waterfall and the ranger office there should be the first stop if you want to enter the Phanomdongrud Wildlife Sanctuary. For entering the Sanctuary a permission is required. You get this permission easy in the ranger office close to the waterfall.

Riding on the highway 2335 to the east is great. Even that it turned to a really hot day there is enough shadow for keep the rider more or less cool.

Pha Mor E Deng is a viewpoint on top of a hill, very close to the Cambodian border with a lot of history. Usually people visit there for the sunrise but even on a hot day its quite nice up there.

Walking around in Pha Mor E Deng made us tired. Getting very very hot. So we decided to take a break. Nam Yuen is a small city but has food, fuel and some great accomodation.
500 THB for a clean room, a friendly owner and a roof covered private parking is nothing to complain.

Please find the details of the trip in the Calimoto link.

Enjoy riding and stay safe guys!!!

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  1. Sangjaa

    It was nice and smooth ride 👍🥰

    1. Dusty Socks

      A bit hot in the afternoon but really surprisingly great roads for Sisaket.

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