Royal Enfield Meteor 350

After a couple of years as a pillion, my wife finally decided to try to ride a motorbike by herself. Ok, I pushed her a bit in the right direction…lol

Perfect for beginners is a small touring bike. Not too high, not too much power. There are several motorbikes in the market to choose from , in the end we decided to get a Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

Why this decision?

– perfect riding position for her height (165 cm)
– good value for the money
– easy to maintain (except the battery)
– easy to ride, very light weight
– 20 hp is enough for a beginner
– good sound and available in red color (her favorite)

We bought the bike in Khon Kaen at Yufar Enterprise. I know them as a trustworthy shop and a great workshop as I go for service my Himalayan there.

The ride back home about 230 km was a bit tough for my wife as she not used to “long” distance rides yet. But with several breaks for coffee and food (important) it worked fine. Big thumbs up to her…very well done!!

For sure I needed to test the Meteor 350 as well.
The bike itself is too small for my height of 188 cm and especially my long legs.

As a guy used to big bikes I was a bit skeptical in the beginning about the 20 hp. Can a bike with “just” 350 cc like this be really fun?
Yes, it is fun to ride. If you not in a hurry, if you relax and enjoy the ride without any rush it is really really lots of fun.
I was surprised how easy to ride the bike is and I really love the sound of the single engine.

Yesterday – on the 4th of November 2023 – we did our first family motorbike trip. Not far, just 95 km around the area here with a coffee break for cool down in Silalat and delicious wood oven pizza in Rasisalai. It was a lot of fun and worked very well even that some parts of the road was seriously damaged due to flooding.
The little one complained that his mom rides very slow…lol. Seems like he is used to my speed.
Anyways it was relaxed even that it got really hot at the end of the trip.

Now need to practice as much as possible and probably book some motorbike riding training.

In general – for me – it was a great decision to buy the Meteor. Gives us now the opportunity to go on a motorbike trip as a family.

Ride safe and enjoy yourself guys.

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