Along the border – Nong Khai to Chiang Khan

Brrrrrr what the hell is that cold in the morning!

You know the feeling when you start a motorbike trip in hot weather with only a mesh jacket and you forget to bring something to break the wind because you think I ride in a tropical country?
Well, stupid me that I forget the wind stopper or a rain jacket.
Some of you might laugh now about “cold” and about not using the brain and bring all the gear. Yes, you are true!!!

The plan for today is simple. Traveling by motorbike from one nice town to another, more nice town. And visit the Nong Khai skywalk in between.

Located in the grounds of Wat Pha Tak Suea atop the Phu Pan Noi peak in Pha Tang subdistrict, the skywalk offers an impressive, expansive view of the Mekong and the landscape on both the Thai and Laotian sides of the river. The tempered glass-floored terrace extends 6 metres out from the cliff and is 4 cm thick to ensure safety and stability. The platform itself is supported by steel stanchions with solid concrete foundations at the bottom of the cliff. Moreover, the 15-meter walkway can support up to 2,500 kg in weight, or around 20 adults.

The road up tp the Wat Pha Tak Suea is free of charge and open for everyone (in 2023). This means you can easily drive up there by your own vehicle without the need to rent a van or pick up.

Concerning the road, it’s still Hwy 211 but different to the last two days the scenery getting more remarkable including some nice twists.

This area with the stones in the river is called Phan Khot Saen Khrai. The location is here.

After 211 km riding we arrived in Chiang Khan. As it’s getting hot now, it is time for a lunch break.

Chiang Khan was founded in the late 19th century when Lao villagers crossed the Mekong after the French colonised Laos. More migrants later arrived from Vietnam and China. Chiang Khan became a trading hub largely due to its location on the river. People on both sides of the rivers exchanged goods, culture, and language. Trading stopped in 1975 when the communist Phatet Lao seized power from the Lao government and cut economic ties to Thailand. Chiang Khan languished until rediscovered in the early-21st century.

In my opinion, compared with Nong Khai, Chiang Khan is way more relaxed, way more chilled and definitely with the better views on the Mekong and Laos.

And, Chiang Khan has a great Old Town with old wooden houses. The main road in the Old Town turns into a walking street every evening. You find lots of shops, restaurants and street food.
Fishing the Mekong River was formerly Chiang Khan’s biggest earner.
Nowadays some 650,000 people, Thai and foreigners, visit the village every year.
The downside of being a tourist hot spot is, that around the Old Town and along the river everything is way more expensive than in the “second row” of the town.

Finding a place to stay in Chiang Khan is in general easy. There are lots of hotels, resorts, home stays etc. in all price categories.

We had a great evening in Chiang Khan – a town definitely worth to visit.

Find the trip details in the Calimoto link.

Ride safe guy’s and enjoy yourself!!!

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