BMW – New arrival in Thailand!

BMW R1250 GS Adventure

Two Triumph Motorcycles partners in Malaysia rejected to claim warranty for our Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer and forced us to go back to Thailand where we bought the motorbike for claim the warranty there. Have a look at this post for the story behind.

The ride from Ipoh, Malaysia to Hat Yai, Thailand was ok. Boring on the highway, the border crossing at Sadao was easy and fast.

As we started early in the morning and the ride was on main highways we arrived at 11 am in Hat Yai.
Both of us were really disappointed and upset about the quality of Triumph Motorcycles, so we went directly to BMW Motorrad Millennium Auto for check the stock. Our hope was, that we could replace the Tiger quickly with a GS Adventure.

Walking in the shop, a friendly woman greeted us and soon a sales arrived and showed us a 2023 BMW R1250 GS Adventure Rallye.
This was the only bike available so the discussion about the sales price and the trade in of the Tiger started.

Finally we bought the BMW. And we are both happy about that decision even that the trade in price for the Tiger was lower than expected.

Talked about Accessoires – in Thailand it’s not easy to get what we wanted right in time.

We signed the contract on Thursday, on Friday evening we managed to pick up the bike. Some Accessoires still missing what is not really a problem as we will go back to BMW, Hat Yai for the first service.

The only downside is that we not have a number plate yet, so no chance to travel back to Malaysia and Singapore.

Instead we will travel in the South of Thailand (Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat) and visit friends.

Here the new arrival is…we named her “Heng Heng” for lucky and rich.

Last photo of the Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer.

It feels really good to arrive back to German engineering and product quality.
I asked myself more and more often why I not listen to my wife.
She always said, we should buy a GSA as this is the ultimate big adventure bike for some reason. She is so true!!

This was an expensive learning curve, finally we did the right thing!!

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!!

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  1. Sangjaa

    Welcome Heng Heng to our family 😍🥰
    Experience is for learning and now we learn kaa

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