First trip with the BMW R1250 GSA

BMW R1250 GS Adventure Thailand

Thailand – Hat Yai to Betong

After we picked up the bike the day before at BMW Hat Yai and a ride back to the hotel like we carry raw eggs (not crash the bike the first day) we had a good and relaxed night.

So we started early in the morning to our trip to Betong.

It is the capital of Betong District, the southernmost district of Yala Province. As of 2005, the town has a population of 24.688.
The town was created as a local administration unit on 30 September 1939, when the sub-district municipality was set up. The town was upgraded to thesaban mueang status on
20 February 2004.
Tourism is the main driver of the economy of Betong, especially sex tourism. Mass tourism was not common to Betong until it was launched as one of Thailand’s pilot targets for western tourists with the opening of its airport for commercial flights in March 2022. Academic Surang Artnarong has estimated that the town is home to 3,000 to 5,000 sex workers, who primarily service Malaysian tourists.
Betong is accessible only through roads, via the 410 highway that originates from Yala, and Highway 76 from Perak.

Our ride to Betong over 288 km was smooth and mostly on small mountain roads – almost similar to what we did weeks ago on our way to Malaysia.

On one of our photo stops we met a local farmer and learned a lot about what and how they grow fruit in the area. Mostly it’s Durian. (Not my favorite).
And he was interested in the motorbike. Beautiful he said!

The main road on the Thailand side is Hwy 410. In some parts you can go the old road Hwy 4326. This road is way more nice but not very well maintained. Anyways, some great views there.

When you ride the Hwy 410, be careful. The road might be slippery from the rubber liquid the trucks loose on their way to the rubber factory.
We hear from locals that there are some accidents, especially when the road is wet.

In Betong we stayed at a friends house. Her name is Ta. She study the same major as Sang in the same university in Songkhla and the two graduated the same year. They know each other over 20 years and met the first time again since they graduated.

We had a great time with Ta, she is a very kind person.

Roti (and other food) restaurant in Betong. No tourists, just local people.

Very very delicious there!!!
The next day after breakfast in a coffee shop for locals, we explored Betong.

Visited the last still existing wood bridge crossing the Mae Nam Pattani river. In the past there where many of them, they where removed and some replaced by concrete bridges.

For lunch we joined Ta’s family. Her mom prepared the food and I have to say it was absolute fantastic. No restaurant can win against this real home made food.

Thank you a lot Ta for the host, for take care and show us around.

Find the details of the trip in the Calimoto link.

Stay tuned and enjoy yourself!!


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  1. Sangjaa

    It was perfect with the bike , Ta , Ta’family and local food .

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