Cologne to Gibraltar – day 7

Saint-Cirgues-en-Montagne (F) to Saint-Sauveur-Camprieu (F)

After the yummy breakfast, I started around 8.30 am. As today there will not be much civilization on the route, the plan was first fill up fuel in Langogne around 30km to go.

You know that feeling when a warning sign on the motorbike starts panicking?? No, it was not the low fuel warning, it was the icy road warning!!
This was the first time ever that I saw this sign on a motorbike and I even did not know that the Tiger has something like that (probably I should read the manual again…lol).

2.5 degrees on the way to Langogne. Lucky me that there was just fog and no rain/snow.

At this point I first started to think if it might be more comfortable to leave the mountains and ride along the coast. But…am I man or mouse?? So keep riding on the track buddy!!!

The routing of Calimoto was a bit strange today. I set “curvy roads” and Calimoto brought me to small roads, too small for an enjoyable ride. To the dev’s from Calimoto…the second or maximum third gear for many kilometers is NOT a pleasure.
And Calimoto navigated out of the main road into small villages with two or three more curves. I guess the people there love all the motorbikes?! Or what you think?
These are known issues but since many years Calimoto is not able to fix them.

In summary it was a good decision to not leave the mountains. Even that it was cold and the navigation partly strange, the ride and the roads where great.

The detailed trip is here: Calimoto

Ride safe guy’s! DLzG

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