North of Thailand day 2

Sangkhla, Sapan Mon Bridge

Started a bit late today, the ride in the Khao Laem National Park and to Sangkhla Buri was great.Hwy 323 is the only option to go there. Despite that it is a “main highway”, in the morning it was a smooth ride with little traffic. Seems like, people did not wake up yet!

The main attraction in the Sangkhla Buri district is the Sapan Mon Bridge, a wooden bridge streching across the river.
The bridge is embraced by verdant mountain ranges, surrounded by plants of diverse species.
With the lenghth of 850 m the Mon Bridge is the world’ s second longest wooden bridge.
The bridge was build between 1986 and 1987.

When you continue the road direction to the Myanmar border, there will be a military check point in Nong Lu. This is the dead end, not allowed to continue.
What I hear from a guy in a coffee shop, 20 km ahead there is a refugee camp of Myanmar people.

Tip: fill up fuel before go on this trip, there are not many gas stations in this area

Speaking of coffee shop: I stopped in front of a closed coffee shop (Sukjai Cafe, Nong Lu) to check the map. The owner came and asked if he could help and my answer was, sure a coffee is always helpful. So he opened the shop and was very surprised that I ordered “old style” Thai coffee. This coffee is called “café bo ran”. Usually foreigners not drink this kind of coffee…but I really love it. Usually it’s served with tea.

A great ride in the morning with cool weather and almost no traffic. The way back was same same but different (as people in Thailand say).

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