North of Thailand day 21

Mae Sai – Pha Tang

The trip started early in the morning – and how it could be otherwise, in the fog.
From the resort to the Mae Sai city 20 km on Hwy 1 with zero view to the mountains along the road.
Mae Sai is the northernmost city in Thailand and mainly a stepping stone for visits to Myanmar.
There are some markets around the town centre.They carry a good range of clothing and electronics and so on.
And there is an arch or monument officially showing the northernmost point of Thailand.
Located between buildings, it was not easy to find. Park somewhere and get there by walking is the best option.

The Northernmost of Thailand

When I visited Mae Sai, the border to Myanmar was closed. No one for a visa run, no border traffic – very quiet.

Riding east on the Hwy 1290 leads you past the Golden Triangle monument and Golden Triangle park.
There you have a great view to three countries at once. Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

The Buddha is Thailand, the temple in the background Myanmar and the crane on the right is Laos.

Riding south on the 1290 direction Chiang Saen along the Mekong and the Laos border you might recognize some high buildings on the Laos side.
Even that Laos is a communist country, they know how to deal with the gambling and shopping addicts. One city full of casinos, shopping malls and hotels.

gambling and shopping city in Laos

Passing Chiang Saen, turn left to the Hwy 1155 up into the mountains.
Ban Huai Ian view point is pretty nice.

Ban Huai Ian view point

Steep climbing for almost 40 km, you will arrive in Pha Tang.
There is a view point called Doi Pha Tang, offering a good spot to watch the scenic Mekong River and the hilltops.
Pha Tang itself is a small city, home of many ethnics like Hmong, Yao and Chinese Haw whose ancestors where the 93rd Chinese Division migrated from China and created their community in Thailand.
Walking around in the city offers you some stunning views.

As it was late already, I decided to find a place to stay in Pha Tang.
Almost every accomodation has a view there – and this is what you pay for. Not cheap, but for me wroth it.

suset vibes from the room balcony

A great and relaxing riding day rewarded with great views and a magical sunset.


Find the details of the trip in the links below:


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