North of Thailand day 20

Fang – Mae Salong – Doi Tung – Mae Sai

Today is the day to change the Changwat (Province) from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai.

Bye bye Fang and ride to the north-east on R 3023 and later on Hwy 1089. The first kilometers where a bit boring as no twists and mountains. The morning fog was with me, as always the last couple of days.

The first bigger village in Chiang Rai on the route was Mae Salong.
Formally known as a center of the opium trade in the Golden Triangle. It’s recent history was shaped by the 93rd Division of the chinese Nationalist Army that refused to surrender to chinese communists in 1949.
Many soldiers setteled in Mae Salong and prepared for an eventual counter-attack against communist China. They founded their arms purchases with opium production.

These days, Mae Salong is known for the delicious Jasmin teas. The smell of roasting tea is wafting through the streets.
For sure I checked that out, did some tea tasting and in the end went out of the shop with 1 kg Jasmine tea. Donˋt say the Chinese aren’t business savvy.

Now, the trip getting more fun to ride trough the mountains – passing by Doi Tung.
You might know that village by the two main attractions: the floral garden and the royal villa.
Very touristy there, so I just stopped for take a photo.

Mae Fah Luang Garden, Doi Tung

Travelling north on the Hwy 1149 along the Myanmar border was a bit strange. Military everywhere and before you can enter the road, there is a checkpoint. Show the passport or Thai driving license, the guard will take a photo as of the number plate and then you are registered and allowed to go.
Riding that road is fun – awesome views to Myanmar. If you like lots of people and tourists, take a break in Pha Hee.
Tea, coffee, food and some great views.This is what you get there.

Before leaving the 1149 to go downhill to Mae Sai, there is another army checkpoint. Called PA Sak Checkpoint. Same procedure than earlier with the difference that there is a coffee shop operated by the army.
A young sergeant sell tea – when I arrived there, they unfortunatelly run out of coffee.

The special thing is, when you drink your tea, you sit on the border to Myanmar. A great view included.

Mae Sai is the border city to Myanmar. My visit there was planned for the next day. So time to find a place to stay what was not easy. Needed to go 20 km south but who cares…after all the twistsI enjoyed cruising on the main highway.

Great riding day, learned a lot about tea and along the Myanmar border is worth to go.


Find the trip details in the links below:


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