North of Thailand day 4

Kanchanaburi, Suphamburi, Uthai Thani, Nakhon Sawan, Kamphaeng Phet, Tak

6 provinces (changwat) of Thailand on a one day 300 km trip.
That is some kind of memorable.

The temple in the morning is as well memorable. It was Wat Tham Khao Wong in the Uthai Tani province.
I never heared about that temple before. A quiet and nice place. At least when there is no event and you visit in the early morning.
The temple is a 4-storeyed building. Parts of the temple are built with old wood from houses in Ayutthaya and Ang Thong.The roof was brought from Lamphun.

In the background is a limestone mountain and in front of the temple a garden decorated with rocks.
Overall, the construction cost around 30 million THB.

At the back side of the mountain, there are 7-8 caves. Some of them are used for monk meditation while others are the habitat of bats.

After leaving the temple, the pain started. What a boring ride on almost straight roads. You can say, straight to the North.
And not only boring, it started getting hot as well.
An interesting diversion on this trip was to see what the farmers grow.
This changed from sugar cane to pineapple to rice, back to sugar cane and more rice and some bad smelling powder ( I forget the name of the plant) in between.

Finally arrived in Tak, found a bed, a shower and food, so all good.

Details of the trip in the links below:


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