How a bigbike is checked in Thailand

If the first registration of a new car or motorbike is more than 7 years ago, you need to go for an annual check in a government or private testing center.
When the vehicle pass, tax can be payed at the Department of Land Transportation (DLT).

As the Honda X4 is registered first time in 2006, it was time to visit the testing center.

These are the steps for checking a motorcycle iin Thailand:

– Have a look at the bike and compare with the papers of the motorbike.
– Take a photo of the bike, especially the numberplate.
– Check if the indicators and the horn is working.
– Check the adjustment of the main headlight
– Check the dB of the motorcycle

Oh…and not forget to pay money. It`s around 200 THB what is around 5 to 6 EUR.

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